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"The life of two fine Sue-hunters"

..... or " How to have fun from crappy fanfics" :D

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"The sisters of mercy, they are not departed nor gone..."

Greetings to all of the Sue-hunting brethren out there. Allow us to introduce ourselves.
We are the Sue Hunting Duo - Bookworm and Babelfish. We actually wanted to be called the "Sue Hunting Sisters", but alas, the nick can only have 15 letters... :(

One should not be deceived by the "mercy" bit. We're two evil, wicked creatures and for several years from now we have been roaming the net talking, flaming on newsgroups, posting fanart, commenting on fanart, marching across battlenet, lurking in nethack, trying to back up the resources of Internet, reading daily comic strips, engaging into mass stupidity and other geeky activities. While doing so, our mercy is reserved exclusively for the writers (and people in general) trying to do their best. We're cynical and sarcastic and take great pleasure in poking fun at bad or shabby fanart. Our current hobby/part-time job (tick the one you prefer) is Sue-hunting. You all probably know how dangerous and mind-twisting this can be, but the satisfaction makes up for it >:).
Each of us has her own domain. Bookworm is the expert on finding Final_Fantasy!Sues and Various_Anime!Sues, while Babelfish is a pro at seeking out LOTR!, Harry_Potter! and POTC!Sues, but in the end we both walk arm-in-arm to beat the snot out of it, and write down lots of evil, evil comments.
(Bookworm : ESPECIALLY when it comes to butchered FF7 fics... Mastah_blasta!Vincent, Fluffy!Sephiroth and Mentally_Stable!Cloud are the things that make my spork snark... )

As for our interests: we're both Geeks of Computer Science and Literature. Whenever we take a break from Sue-hunting, we occupy ourselves with one of the above activities, work on more fanart (Bookworm) or go with some nerdy friends for a nice pint of ale (babelfish). Books, computer games and online comics are like another source of fiber to us. And the person who invented rum and Gunpowder tea is our personal minor god :) (and there are the Nestle Chocolate bars... and the teabags...)