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"The life of two fine Sue-hunters"
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Below are the 4 most recent journal entries recorded in sue_hunting_duo's LiveJournal:

Thursday, October 7th, 2004
9:27 pm
Another one bric-... Sue in the wall.

Story Or Series Title: Cloud and the Servent of Sephiroth
Fandom: Bookworm: My poor, abused fadom!!Final Fantasy 7

Culprit Author's Name: Rian 'Ri' Kitsune
Full Name (plus titles if any): Rian (does it ring the bell?...)
Full Species(es): servent of Sephiroth - you saw it ;>
Hair Color (include adjectives): not mentioned.
Eye Color (include adjectives): forest green (is it a tad better than the evergreen emerald green?... we still cannot decide…)

Unusual Markings/Colorations: a “strange cut” on her left arm which prevents her from remembering her past… or something.
Sooper speshul possesions (if any): gloves “just like Cloud”. Oh, yeah – and a Sephiroth in her head, apparently.

Annoying Origin: we don’t even want to know.
Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: Apart from the Sephiroth already mentioned, none.

Annoying Speshul Abilities: Can make Cloud “hate her guts” with just one sentence which isn’t even that snarky.

Other Annoying Traits: Can make the readers hate her guts without uttering even one sentence.



OK people, this is probably the most stupid, primitive and badly written Sue we've ever come across. But we decided to put it here as a sort of curiosity to show how many of the typical suish features can appear in a story consisting of less than one page of normalized text (OK, the Trekkie!Sue which is considered the Mother of all Mary Sues wasn’t too long either ;>)

Abandon all hope ye who enter here.

Hey, Suethor! Leave the kids alone!...Collapse )

Liek OMG!!! - it's a Sue with a mysterious past. Who would've guessed?Collapse )

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Friday, August 6th, 2004
10:02 am
Strange things you can find in your coffin

Title: The Valentine Papers 

Fandom: Final Fantasy 7 (Bookworm: Oh goodies.. another FF7 abomination to set my spork on >:))

Culprit Author's Name: marinawings
Full Name (plus titles if any): Maena Moonglow (and we thought that piratemonkey was kidding when she gave her comic character the last name “Moonflower”… T_T)

Full Species: Apparently a human girl

Hair Color: “reddish blond hair spread like liquid gold” and ”copper-gold hair”  .

Eyes:  Step right up, folks, we have every eye-color you could desire: from light green through green-grey to a sparkling emerald green. No pushing or shoving, please, there’s enough for everybody.

Unusual Markings/Colorations:  Bookworm: Except having bigger boobs than Yuffie and making her angst about it… no, I can’t think of anything else. Babelfish: well, she’s got them freckles…

Speshul Possessions: a magic staff which is obviously speshul because the Sue: “ - don’t need material - she held up her staff -See? No materia. Just - just some kind of metal. I think it’s Mithril.”.

Annoying Origin: A human girl who claims that mother fell into a mako spring while giving birth (why should she be there then instead of lying nicely in her own cosy  bed is beyond us. Why isn’t her kid ten thousand times more screwed up than Cloud and Sephiroth put together is beyond us as well. Oh, wait, she *is* screwed up. She is Mary Sue… *shudder* “Your baby” Magazine warns all you mothers-to-be: Mako springs can be bad for you… really >_<).

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters : This Sue claims herself to be just like Aeris. “I look like her, I act like her and Shinra is after me”... yes, but Aeris somehow made being the resident damsel in distress more bearable.

Annoying Sooper Speshul Abilities: not being able to use her magic properly.

(Bookworm: Argh! This goddamned Sue knows healing magic as well as fire-, ice-, thunder- and other offensive kinds of magic. Damn it, only Sephiroth and/or top class SOLDIERs know and are able to use all of them *spork* ><.  ) Revealing this very fact to perfect strangers. Still being able to stay alive throughout ten friggin’ chapters, though.

Read more...Collapse )

Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:   

My angst can bite your angst, or Welcome home, Vincent.Collapse )
</p> </div>

Welcome to the Highwind, or You’ve got bigger boobs than I doCollapse )</div>
A Man For The JobCollapse )

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Friday, July 23rd, 2004
6:27 pm
You think you all know these Sephiroth/OC stories? Do you? Well, think again.

This story is just another SueXSephiroth fic. Nothing unusual. But this particular Sue got on our nerves because according to the Suethor :

-  Lucrecia not only  didn’t die while giving birth to Sephiroth, but she also escaped from the Shinra building with a helicopter, with a little help from her frie…Vincent.

- Gast didn’t die shot by Hojo. He was POISONED by him. Literally. And he died in his own bed.

- Gast wasn’t Aeris’s father. Infalna wasn’t Gast’s wife. And the worst – she had another baby ! Guess who ? You got it… It was



Stories or Series Title:  OneWinged Angel Now that’s original…

Fandom : Final Fantasy 7 (Bookworm: I want to hit something or cry into a pillow. My favorite game was slaughtered at the Pit of Voles over 7000 times :’( … )

Culprit Author’s Name : NulltheCAPs

Full Name (plus titles if any): Nyx,  because “Nyx is the name of a fairy, and she's just as beautiful as one” BLAH !

Full Species(es):  yes, make your guess, - what kind of ultra sooper-dooper species would a FF7 Mary Sue choose to be? Yeah. Another bloody “ last of the Ancients…”

Hair Color (include adjectives): A strange thing… It’s not mentioned 0_0

Eye Color (include adjectives): Yet another mystery…. Not a word about it 0_0

Unusual Markings/Colorations: Not mentioned…. But since she’s an ancient, I suppose they’re mako colored.

Special Possessions (if any): ajust-like-Sephiroth’s” katana, a little something called “pixie dust” *vomits* that she gives to Sephiroth later in the fic and “some other things of...”sentimental value”…”. Oh, and, Hojo’s spine bone, apparently… ‘cause it’s nowhere to be found.

Annoying Origin: To those, who got fooled, she is Infalna’s daughter, later adopted by Prof. Gast and after his death raised by the Shin-ra company, along with Sephiroth. But in reality, she’s a demon of the underworld, the all-hated  Marisus Vulgaris.

Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: <Deep Breath> Infalna’s  second daughter, therefore Aeris’s sister. Adopted by prof. Gast and his wife.  Hojo’s “speciment”, Zack’s friend and <drumroll> Sephiroths childhood friend and two wuv. Dagnabbit, and this thing

just started (20 bloody chapters ><)  who else will she tuck in here ?

Annoying Special Abilities:  She’s one of those “only person in the world” who can use a katana just like Sephiroth’s. She also soooo strong that she beats him in a duel (despite the fact, that she belongs to a peace loving race, whom the Ancients were). Plus, she can regenerate from most wounds Like she was ... immortal. Oh, and the ability to turn Sephiroth into a terrible

OOC!Snotty_Irritating_Clone_Of_Everyone's_Favorite_Villan who is all gentlemanly and mushy-mushy towards her.

 Annoying Traits:  Another female Ancient, Another oh so hawt Sephiroth pairing, another bloody Sue…  You can recognize her, by the huge “angst aura” that emanates from her… 


Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:


Ladies and gents! Meet a bratty!Sue, an OOC!Hojo and fluffy!Sephiroth. More madness yet to come v__vCollapse )</strong>


Sephiroth and Sue are having a duel of some sort… No need to spork it. It sporks itself T__T ]Collapse )</b>

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Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
1:30 pm
Lord of the Quizzies

   This is our very first attempt to report a Sue on LiveJournal, because - to the

Authors' best knowledge - an interesting topic which is quizzie!Sues hasn’t

been brought up so far. 


   Most of us, Brothers and Sisters in Sue-hunting, stalk our prey at the place

known as the Pit of Voles. Looking at the number of trophies it is hardly to

be wondered at. But surprisingly, if you want to hit the Sue-fiction jackpot,

better set sail for... Quizilla.com. We did and this quick inspection left us in

utter shock that we’re still recovering from. What was even more shocking, ALL,

and we DO mean ALL, of the "Highest rated quizzes" were in fact Sue-fictions.

They're made like normal quizzes, but the only difference is that they contain a

heap of text, followed by very few relatively short answers and, what's even more

annoying, it doesn't matter which answer you pick, because you always get the

same message: "Rate me, Rate me, please, okay, gotta go, I'll write part 9999 tomorrow!"....

   Ladies and Gentleman - BEHOLD! The Sue-quiz-fiction....


Title: Elf kisses(a title that certainly caught the eye of severalSue-hunters... and countless Sue lovers >< )
Fandom: LOTR
-C-u-l-p-r-i-t- Author's Name: wiccanfey
Full Name (plus titles if any): ~~~~ (YOUR name basically... it's a You/Legolas fic)
Full Species: 3/4 elf, 1/4 human (will become source of Teh Angst in later chapters)

Hair Color: Yours... but eventually turns blond anyway.


Eyes:  Yours... but eventually change colour anyway.


Unusual Markings/Colorations:  Rounded ears, approximately human-size (courtesy of her

human grandfather who is said to have cut them short in an outburst of rage... good

thing that he was patient enough to wait until the Sue turned eighteen, though).


Speshul Possessions: The Ring of Powe... I mean, “a beautiful ring, silver with diamond entwined by sapphires" that, according to her late mother, is to be given to her twu wuv.


Annoying Origin: The place that the author calls her head... wherever that is.


Annoying Connections To Canon Characters: She meets Legolas in the forest and gets

shot full of arrows... nah, we only wish she did. Every canon male character’s lust object and Legolas's wuv.   

Annoying Sooper Speshul Abilities: seems to regenerate faster than an Irishman's liver, which THANKFULLY shortens the "Legolas nurses the Sue back to health" part... Lucky us.


Please include a small sample of the worst of this story:   


NOTES: The author obviously hasn't read the book. We strongly doubt whether she's read any book at all. The spelling of proper names is murderous and the spelling in general is atrocious. We, therefore, aren’t going to make fun of it, it would take too much space.


 An Elven Maiden in distress, an OOC!Hero and a Random Orc On DutyCollapse )</b>


Clever things to do with a small tentCollapse )</b>


They’re riding to Etoras... wherever the heck that is.Collapse )</b>


 The angsty part where Faramir locks up our dear Sue to physically and verbally abuse her and provide reason to angst...Collapse )


... also to prove that this OOC!Legolas is a stupid idiot with an insufficient masculinity complex.Collapse ) </span>


After lots of making out and some Sue-lusting over Aragorn Legolas proposed to her and they both headed for Mirkwood to see some weird Elvish Council and ask them if that was OK . Or something.Collapse )

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